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February 5, 2018

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Egg Poaching & Healthier Hollandaise Sauce

April 16, 2018

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Fun-Fresh-Food- Adventures

January 26, 2016


Whenever I’m ready to spend some time outdoors, I always think of barbecuing. A couple of weeks ago I prepped a surf and turf barbecue. Not because I prepared it, but it was off-the-hook!  The menu covered some Asian-inspired barbecue chicken wings, which flew off the dish in less than 15 minutes, marinated-in-yogurt-garlic-cilantro chicken thighs, ginger-seasoned shrimps and black pepper beef sirloin; to accompany the proteins, there was a simple salad, and some roasted potatoes and several types of hummus.



Recipes will come sometime soon. In the meantime get out and going, enjoy some fresh air…


Living on an Island has a lot of benefits. One of those benefits it is the easy access to seafood. Oh, and how I love seafood, I could eat fish/seafood any day of the week, better said, all days of the week, some sashimi tuna, salmon, etc., you name it. More recently I had the opportunity to see some fishermen (the real heroes) in the main action.


When I say the “real heroes ”, I do not only mean fishermen, I’m  including in this category farmers, organic-antibiotic-free chicken breeders, and basically, anyone who has gone “back to basic” in the area of cultivating naturally the produce. I find it really important to support this category in our food-chain.


Anyways, I was pleased and mesmerized by their fishing skills.  There was one in particular that caught my attention. He seemed to be so happy, cleaning a big fish. It gave me a big sense of inner peace, I can’t quite describe it or figure it out yet, but it was very inspiring to see.


Here I share the picture of the fisherman, who is now without any notice immortalized on the internet.

















Further, to my recent fresh-food-adventures, was also the lobster-fest, freshly caught Caribbean lobster and presented for the attendees to pick, then barbequed and eaten with salad and bread sides.


There are different types of lobster. There is the cold-water lobster, known as Maine-lobster and there is also the spiny or no-claws-lobster. I’ve tried both, and although both are really delicious I must say the cold-water lobster wins my heart. It is much sweeter-type of meat, softer if you like.



Let me know of any of your Fun-Fresh-Food adventures.


Aida Majzoub



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