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April 16, 2018

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Carajito's Eggs Salad Sandwich

April 13, 2016


When it comes to be reminded of people by the food they share with me, I can’t leave out my maternal-grandpa. He was a grumpy-type, very private person.


Most kids would have been scared of him, but not me. Making him smile was my personal challenge. Underneath it he was a very sweet person, I never knew his story and why he was the way he was.


He passed away in 2007 and unfortunately I wasn’t able to assist to his funeral. His passing took me by surprise, we weren’t that closed, but there were special moments that would be forever engraved in my memory, those moments when his sweetness overflew is attitude. 


Two vivid memories marked my bonding with him. One, when he took me as his sidekick while going door to door selling (I was probably 4 or 5 years old), he even paid me a commission on the sales he made that day. It made me feel so grown-up and taught me the value of money, as I realized later on I wasn’t rich, as I could only buy one ice-cream. The second vivid memory I have with him is later on as a teenager, when he was teaching me how to make this recipe.


The day I was told he passed away, I was living abroad and these two memories made me reflect on him for a long time. We use to call each other by the Spanish nickname: "carajito(a)"


I do not want to make you melancholic, so let’s go ahead with the recipe.


This recipe yields 2 individual portions




2 medium potatoes (peeled, boiled mashed)


2 hardboiled eggs (chopped)


The juice of a lemon


Salt and pepper to taste





1. Mix all ingredients together and served cold.





1. If you come from Arabic-family, your logic is going to tell you to serve it on bread. Otherwise, do please try.




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